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Luxury Treehouse Dome

Luxury Treehouse Dome

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When I was a little kid, back when the world was still awesome, I remember having to scrounge around the neighborhood for "free" lumber and nails to construct the ultimate tree fort command center deep out in the woods. I hate to admit it, but those random boards that got nailed into a bunch of questionable branches way, way up in the tree just don't compare to this cool new Tree House Dome.

This luxurious tree tent is actually a 13 foot dome that hangs over 10 feet above the ground. It features a middle floor with a mattress, a galvanized steel frame, a zipper door, and it's available in several colors along with an optional solar fan or skylight. Perfect for backyard camping without taking up any backyard space, getting a better view of the sunset or sunrise, escaping from everyone and everything, and getting plenty of restful naps as you sway peacefully amongst the tree branches. 🥱

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Luxury Treehouse Dome
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Luxury Treehouse Dome
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Luxury Treehouse Dome
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Luxury Treehouse Dome
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Luxury Treehouse Dome
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Luxury Treehouse Dome
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Luxury Treehouse Dome
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Luxury Treehouse Dome
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