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SmithFly Shoal Floating Tent

SmithFly Shoal Floating Tent

SmithFly Shoal Floating Tent

Who wants to camp on boring old dry land? Sleep under the stars while floating along on the water with this cool new SmithFly Shoal Floating Tent. Forget messing around with tent poles and ground stakes, because this innovative floating tent has a unique structure that quickly inflates along with its raft-like air mattress floor. Just inflate, place on a lake, pond, river, swimming pool, or other suitable water source and enjoy the solitude and freedom of riding along on the current... wherever that may take you. Hmm, I guess you should watch out for unexpected waterfalls, raging rapids, piranhas, gators, sharks, giant whirlpools, pirates, getting hopelessly lost at sea, and very wet campfires. It even includes a handy patch kit should the need arise while you're floating off to your next adventure.

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  • A first of it's kind inflatable floating raft with a tent topper that allows you to sleep out on the water
  • Camp on your favorite farm pond, salt water flat, spring creek or eddy on your favorite river
  • The world is your waterbed - Sleep under the stars, on the water, feel the flow and let it lull you to sleep
  • No tent poles, the tent structure is totally inflatable and when inflated stands up to high winds without a problem
  • Raft body has three air chambers, two in the lower tube, one in the structure
  • Floor is a 6" thick drop stitched high pressure floor that doubles as your air mattress
  • Tent fabric is heavy duty, waterproof, sealed with heavy duty #8 zippers
  • Tent topper sides all attach and detach using heavy duty hook and loop fasteners
  • Standing room is up to 6'-3" in the middle
  • Packs down into a burrito roll style carry and storage bag
  • Includes a storage bag, patch kit, and manual foot pump
  • Size : 8' x 8' - 75 lbs

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