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Manhattan Project Shield Window

Manhattan Project Shield Window

Manhattan Project Shield Window


Here's an ominous piece of history that can be yours. Back during WWII, during the development of the atomic bomb AKA the Manhattan Project, scientists and engineers needed a window to peer through that was both absolutely clear and able to shield them from intense radiation as they extracted plutonium from fuel rods in the T Plant (221-T) Plutonium Recovery Building in Hanford, Washington. This plutonium would eventually be used in both the Trinity test and the "Fat Man" atomic bomb that was dropped over Nagasaki, Japan. This full-sized Manhattan Project Shield Window is one of those windows.

This massive 54" window weighs 1,700 lbs and is made from a 30% concentration of lead-oxide which gives it its unique yellow tint and ability to block blue and near-UV spectral frequencies and radiation. At $3,400,000, it makes the perfect mega gift for any WWII history buff or if you plan on extracting your own plutonium to power your Delorean Time Machine.

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