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Life-Sized Inflatable Ghostbusters Terror Dog

Life-Sized Inflatable Ghostbusters Terror Dog

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Forget Halloween, because this cool new, yet quite 1984-inspired Life-Sized Inflatable Ghostbusters Terror Dog is perfect for terrifying passersby and your annoying, nosy neighbors all year long... or at least until the return of Gozer the Destructor. It stands 5 feet tall, secures to the ground with stakes and tethers to prevent it from terrorizing the entire neighborhood, illuminates at night, and is officially licensed. It's also perfect for hiding in someone's closet as a prank or livening up a boring party. Hmm, you might want to pick up two, because you really shouldn't have a Gatekeeper without a Keymaster. Rick Moranis not included.

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Inflatable Ghost Mailbox Monster
Simply inflate this 31 inch tall haunted specter and attach it to any post and beam mailbox with the included straps and scare the bills and junk mail away!
Broomstick Party Picks
These multi-purpose party picks look like little witch broomsticks and are perfect for skewering appetizers, cupcakes, sandwiches, or even an eye of newt garnish in a martini or some other sort of bubbling cocktail concoction.
Franken Stein - The Ultimate Stein!
This Halloween, the ultimate stein for holding your favorite bubbling spiked beverage concoction is the Franken Stein monster mug of course!
Dr. Karlosi's Atomic Brain Think Tank
A crazy bubbling mad scientist brain jar straight out of an old 1950's horror movie. You could use this crazy thing in your office as a soothing stress reducer as the bubbles gently rise to keep the realistic brain afloat, as a cool Halloween mad scientist prop or maybe you have kids who need a really good red glowing nightlight from hell. What will you do with your new extra brain?
Bone Yard Ceramic Hurricanes
These glazed terra cotta candle hurricanes are shaped like pillars of gruesome skulls that let the flickering candlelight escape through their empty eye sockets.
An eerie four foot tall pillar tombstone that rocks back and forth with a rock scraping sound to complete the illusion that the undead are trying to escape their graves.
Lifesize Inflatable Star Wars Jabba The Hutt
This massive inflatable depiction of the Star Wars galaxy's most notoriously slimy, party loving gangster is perfect for watching over your Halloween bash or just put him in the front yard to intimidate the neighbors.
Illuminated Pumpkin Ice Cubes
This Halloween, chill down and light up your pumpkin juice and other ghoulish concoctions with these cool new Illuminated Pumpkin Ice Cubes.
Haunted Misting Tree Stump
An evil little gnarled tree stump that releases eerie illuminated cool mist smoke that flows up and out through its malevolent smiling mouth and sinister eyes.

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Life-Sized Inflatable Ghostbusters Terror Dog
Officially licensed miniature replica of the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap complete with working doors and supernatural internal lights and sounds.
Life-Sized Inflatable Ghostbusters Terror Dog
Suffering from a terrible cold? Well, your suffering will be legendary, even in Hell when you pull a tissue from this cool new Hellraiser Puzzle Box / Tissue Box Holder!
Life-Sized Inflatable Ghostbusters Terror Dog
The protective helmet of an evil Sith Lord is just as good as anything else to hold cookies inside - unfortunately, Jango Fett's helmet still had a head in it.
Life-Sized Inflatable Ghostbusters Terror Dog
Just when you think the Star Wars merchandising department has run out of product ideas, along comes this hilarious tape dispenser modeled after a downed Imperial Walker AKA an AT-AT.
Life-Sized Inflatable Ghostbusters Terror Dog
An authentic collection of rare specimens from Earth and beyond that are billions of years in the making. From 4.5 billion year old Space Gems to Egyptian Papyrus to a chunk of Alcatraz to a piece of Steve Jobs Turtleneck to Russian cosmonaut food served on the Space Station Mir and more all encased in acrylic
Life-Sized Inflatable Ghostbusters Terror Dog
Need a star for the top of your Christmas tree? Well, how about a Death Star?
Life-Sized Inflatable Ghostbusters Terror Dog
Although this isn't the actual clown from the Poltergeist movie, it is a faithfully recreated, full-sized replica... and it still knows what scares you.
A replica of the White Dragon Noodle Bar's iconic neon dragon sign with the red flickering tongue from Blade Runner.
Life-Sized Inflatable Ghostbusters Terror Dog
This giant handcrafted plush reindeer reproduction magically comes to life and begins to speak and sing songs through it's animated talking head. If you're 150 lbs or lighter, you can even hop on its back and sing along.

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