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Hex-Bomb Black As Your Soul - Pitch Black Bath Bomb

Hex-Bomb Black As Your Soul - Pitch Black Bath Bomb

No matter how dirty you are, the bathwater should look the same when you drop one of these cool new Hex-Bomb Black As Your Soul Bath Bombs into the water. These amazing gothic bath bombs get fizzy when placed in water and then turn it pitch black, which is obviously more exciting to bathe in. Not to worry, the sinister inky black water won't stain you or your bathtub, is mild and suitable for sensitive skin, and even has an unexpected fragrant rose garden scent. Perfect for soaking away the evil spirits during the Halloween season or just anytime you want to relax in pure darkness. Other colors are available as well, like red, which is ideal if you like the idea of bathing in blood. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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