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Giant Cobra Snake Outdoor Lawn Statue

Giant Cobra Snake Outdoor Lawn Statue

Giant Cobra Snake Outdoor Lawn Statue

This Halloween, turn your front lawn into a terrifying snake pit of doom when you stake down this cool new Giant Cobra Snake from The Home Depot. This massive three piece hooded serpent stakes down onto the lawn to create the illusion of a fearsome cobra slithering through, stands over 4 feet tall and over 5 feet long, and, to make it even more scary, has sinister glowing red eyes and an illuminated fanged mouth ready to strike. Perfect for terrifying trick-or-treaters, visitors, package delivery people, trespassers, unfortunate people driving by with a fear of snakesπŸ’₯, and nosey, snooping neighbors. Unfortunately, this horrifying lawn ornament may attack and swallow up other lawn ornaments in the yard, especially cute little garden gnomes. 🐍😱

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