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Pumpkin Teeth - Bloody Fangs or Glow-in-the-Dark

Pumpkin Teeth - Bloody Fangs or Glow-in-the-Dark

Pumpkin Teeth - Bloody Fangs or Glow-in-the-Dark

Every October, millions of poor defenseless pumpkins are snatched from their patches, scalped with a butcher knife, have their insides scooped out, get hideous faces carved into their bodies, are made to endure a torturous burning candle in their mouth, and then get smashed on the sidewalk, beaten to a pulp by hooligans with bats, or left to rot to death on front porches for months by uncaring humans. They don't even get to be in all the beloved "pumpkin" spice products. It's sad. However, now you can at least your give your pumpkins a biting chance and a nice smile instead of the typical goofy random rectangles with these cool new Pumpkin Teeth. These fun pumpkin dentures come in bloody fangs or glow-in-the-dark with 18 teeth each in 3 different sizes. Now, whether or not your newly smiling pumpkins will attempt to bite the trick-or-treaters... it's possible.

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  • Choose Bloody Fangs or Shark Glow in the Dark
  • Give your jack-o-lantern some bite!
  • Set of 18 teeth in 3 sizes
  • Reuse year after year
  • Makes carving that much faster and easier

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