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Grim - 6 Ft Animatronic Talking Skeleton

Grim - 6 Ft Animatronic Talking Skeleton

Grim - 6 Ft Animatronic Talking Skeleton

This cool new yet quite undead Grim from Spirit Halloween is a life-sized, 6 foot tall animatronic skeleton that stands upright on its own, realistically moves its arms, torso, head, and eyes, and then speaks a variety of chilling phrases to anyone who wanders too close. It features six servo motors to smoothly move its body parts in a lifelike way, three servo motors to control the creepy eye movement, and is motion-activated and step pad compatible. It's probably best if you just see it for yourself, so check out the video below to see it in action... if you dare.

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  • 6 Ft. Grim Animatronic Skeleton
  • This Grim Skeleton animatronic will send a chill down your spine this Halloween
  • Six different servos motors move the different parts of his body including his arms, torso, head, and eyes
  • Three servo motors are used to control the eye movement, allowing the eyes to realistically turn up and down and from side-to-side
  • Head movement was programmed to turn side to side, nod up and down, and tilt left to right, all at the same time to create a lifelike, complex movement
  • Speaks bone-chilling phrases
  • IR sensor activated
  • Step pad compatible
  • Volume control
  • External speaker jack
  • Size: 72" H x 28" W x 32.4" D - 19.6 pounds

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