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Zultan : Creepy Animated Speaking Fortune Teller

Zultan : Creepy Animated Speaking Fortune Teller

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I really wish I had the money for a full size Zoltar Machine. It would go perfectly here in the Green Head HQ break room, but no matter, I found something just as cool at a near fraction of the cost. Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls, step right up and let me introduce to you to the mystical Zultan - Animated Speaking Fortune Teller!

First of all, Zultan the fortune teller is creepy as all hell. Simply approach the display box where Zultan's head is hiding behind closed curtains and he will automatically detect your presence using sound and motion sensors. The curtains fly open and Zultan's fully-animatronic evil floating wrinkled head emerges and his spooky LED eyes begin to glow and look around. His mouth moves to every word as he greets you and then converses with his skull in the crystal ball (which also talks back to him) to reveal your fortune. Even better, set Zoltan to manual mode and literally become him while using the included wireless microphone. Whatever you say, he speaks...

Zultan is definitely one of the cooler Halloween prop decorations I've seen in awhile. Just put him by the candy bowl and have a total blast scaring all of the trick or treaters half to death or with the wireless microphone insulting their parents. Zultan would also make a totally wicked karaoke machine! Check out the video below to see a demonstration of Zultan in action.

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