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Inflatable Car Buddy - Grim Reaper Skeleton

Inflatable Car Buddy - Grim Reaper Skeleton

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This Halloween, after you've decorated your haunted home inside and out, bring your frightful decorative spirit on the road with you with this cool new Inflatable Grim Reaper Car Buddy from Gemmy. This terrifying inflatable grim reaper skeleton sits in the passenger seat with you to scare anyone who dares to look in the window. Just place it on the passenger seat, plug it into the 12 volt outlet to inflate it, buckle the seatbelt around it for safety, and hit the open road with your new Halloween buddy riding along with you. I don't know if it will get you into the carpool lane, but it's sure to give a police officer a good old-fashioned scare if you do get pulled over.

Now if you get lonely driving around by yourself after Halloween, there's also this cool new Inflatable Snowman Car Buddy to help keep you company during those dreary winter months as well.

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Inflatable Car Buddy - Grim Reaper Skeleton
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Inflatable Car Buddy - Grim Reaper Skeleton
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Inflatable Car Buddy - Grim Reaper Skeleton
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Inflatable Car Buddy - Grim Reaper Skeleton
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Inflatable Car Buddy - Grim Reaper Skeleton
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Inflatable Car Buddy - Grim Reaper Skeleton
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Inflatable Car Buddy - Grim Reaper Skeleton
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Inflatable Car Buddy - Grim Reaper Skeleton
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Inflatable Car Buddy - Grim Reaper Skeleton
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