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Titan Exhaust Air Jack

Titan Exhaust Air Jack

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The next time you have a flat tire, don't have roadside assistance or you just don't want to mess around with that clumsy jack, try this cool new Titan Exhaust Air Jack. Simply slide this durable PVC-coated woven polyester fabric balloon underneath your car, truck, trailer, camper or ATV, attach the hose and cone end to your exhaust pipe and watch in amazement as it quickly inflates and lifts the vehicle up. I know it seems impossible, but this unique jack has a one-way back valve to keep it inflated for up to 45 minutes and can easily be deflated slowly or as fast as 5 seconds. There are three sizes available depending on how heavy your vehicles is and it's great for not only changing tires, but can also aid in recovery from mud, sand or snow as well.

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