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Furi Ozitech Diamond Fingers Knife Sharpener

Furi Ozitech Diamond Fingers Knife Sharpener

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We all have that knife block full of dull knives that desperately need sharpening, but either have no clue on how to sharpen them or don't want to mess around with those expensive electric knife sharpeners. The solution is the cool new Furi Ozitech Diamond Fingers Knife Sharpener.

Simply unfold the outer shell of the unit to expose the 8 diamond-coated interlocking Ozitech fingers, strong handle and safety guard. Now take your knife, of any brand, and pull the blade down and back four to six times through the fingers. In seconds, you will have a sharp blade with perfectly set edge bevels and professionally honed edges. The way the device is designed takes out all the guesswork, eliminates error and is simple and compact enough to ensure it's used regularly for sharpened knives all year long. It also makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook.

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Furi Ozitech Diamond Fingers Knife Sharpener
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Furi Ozitech Diamond Fingers Knife Sharpener
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