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Pepo Forest Watermelon Cutter - Creates Tree-Shaped Slices

Pepo Forest Watermelon Cutter - Creates Tree-Shaped Slices

The cool new Pepo Forest Watermelon Cutter cuts a watermelon into fun and easy to handle tree-shaped slices. Like a cookie cutter for melons, the stainless steel blade easily pushes through the watermelon and rind and lets you slice up a whole melon into a forest of tree slices in seconds. Perfect for kids and parties.


  • Comfortable to cut and grab Watermelon slices
  • A new, eco-friendly shape for your watermelon slices
  • A whole watermelon sliced up perfectly in just seconds
  • Cut and serve each slice with ease
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made of: Plastic & stainless steal

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