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Ventu - Strain and Serve Bowl

Ventu - Strain and Serve Bowl

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The cool new Ventu Bowl allows you to prep, strain, serve and store pasta, fruit, salads and more - all in the same bowl. To release the water, just press down on the acacia wooden handle to open the innovative no-leak strainer in the base of the brushed stainless steel bowl. Unlike a traditional colander or strainer, this stylish, multi-functional serving bowl is equally at home in the kitchen as it is on the dining table.

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Ventu - Strain and Serve Bowl
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Ventu - Strain and Serve Bowl
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Ventu - Strain and Serve Bowl
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Ventu - Strain and Serve Bowl
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Ventu - Strain and Serve Bowl
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Ventu - Strain and Serve Bowl
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Ventu - Strain and Serve Bowl
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Ventu - Strain and Serve Bowl
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Ventu - Strain and Serve Bowl
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