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FrostyMat - Chilled Pastry Mat

FrostyMat - Chilled Pastry Mat

FrostyMat - Chilled Pastry Mat

The cool new FrostyMat is an innovative chilled pastry mat that lets you roll, knead, and measure dough without the sticky mess. This non-stick silicone mat features freezable cooling gel pockets to prevent stickage, a convenient groove for resting the rolling pin or some eggs, and handy measurments printed on the surface. When finished, it easily rolls up and stores in the freezer until needed.

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  • Rolling, kneading, and measuring
  • Non-stick silicone surface
  • Pad print measurements (inches, centimeters, diameter)
  • Cooling gel pockets to keep dough in tact
  • Resting spot for rolling pin/eggs
  • Rolls up and stores in freezer
  • Materials: Silicone, cooling gel
  • Size: 25” W x 17” H

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