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Hershey's Smore Maker - Make Smores Indoors!

Hershey's Smore Maker - Make Smores Indoors!

Hershey's Smore Maker - Make Smores Indoors!

When you aren't out camping or having a backyard bonfire, you can still enjoy making s'mores right in your very own living room with the cool new Hershey's Smore Maker. It comes with a ceramic tray that has room for marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers and a gel fueled marshmallow roaster in the middle. To make a smore, simply break a graham cracker in two, add a Hershey's chocolate bar, roast a marshmallow until it's golden brown (not flaming molten!), place the marshmallow over the chocolate, add the top half of the graham cracker and enjoy. Yum!

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  • Ceramic tray has built in holders for marshmallow/chocolate/crackers along with a holder for Marshmallow Roaster
  • Bonus Hershey's Kiss fondue maker included in package
  • Ceramic roaster features durable stainless steel grilling surface
  • Burner holder has heat resistant handle and features snuffer to safely extinguish flame
  • Uses pre-packaged 2.6oz canned chafing fuel, sold separately
  • Includes: Hershey's Chocolate Grill insert, 4 Marshmallow Forks, 2 Marshmallow Holder inserts in tray, 1 Chocolate Bar Holder, 1 Graham Cracker Holder, How To Make A S'mores on Side of Package

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