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Porthole Infusion Vessel

Porthole Infusion Vessel

Porthole Infusion Vessel

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Form and function fuse perfectly into one with this cool new Porthole Infusion Vessel from designer Martin Kastner at Crucial Detail. This stunning transparent infusion vessel, inspired by submarine portholes, lets you create deeply flavorful oils, cocktails, teas, dressings, lemonade, coffee, or any other type of cold infusion imaginable. Just add your ingredients, reseal, and let it sit out in the open as striking decor for your kitchen or as a centerpiece on the dining table while the flavor infusion occurs within its sleek glass and steel construction. It includes 3 photo-etched stainless steel filter screens, 4 cocktail recipes from The Aviary restaurant in Chicago, IL, and a flexible silicone cap to seal it all up.

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