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Prepara Oil Mister - Creates Flavor Infused Oils

Prepara Oil Mister - Creates Flavor Infused Oils

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The cool new Prepara Oil Mister lets you create your own gourmet flavored oils by infusing dried herbs, spices, chili peppers, garlic and more. This innovative oil dispenser is the first BPA-free, sterilizable glass mister that features a patented filtering system to prevent clogs.

Simply fill with olive oil, add your favorite ingredients, let the flavors infuse and spray. The light oil misting allows you to add delicious flavor with much less fat and is perfect for seasoning salads, pasta, meats and fish or for lightly coating cookware and grills while cooking.

It not only saves you money compared to purchasing those fattening salad dressings with questionable ingredients and expensive aerosol cans separately, it's also a better environmental alternative to spray cans as well. Looks stylish too.

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Prepara Oil Mister - Creates Flavor Infused Oils
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