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Zayka Ceramic Chef's Knife and Peeler Set

Zayka Ceramic Chef's Knife and Peeler Set

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Ceramic knives are harder than steel, almost never need to be sharpened and will not stain, rust, or affect the taste of food. The cool new Zayka IMPULSE - Ceramic Chef's Knife and Peeler Set includes a 6 inch ceramic chef's knife available in black or white and a white ceramic vegetable peeler. Although you still need steel knives for handling tough chopping jobs, because ceramic can still chip due to its brittle nature, this ultrasharp knife is the ultimate cutting tool for slicing fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. This unique cutlery set is a great gift for the home chef and anyone who has trouble slicing those stubborn tomatoes.

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Zayka Ceramic Chef's Knife and Peeler Set
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Zayka Ceramic Chef's Knife and Peeler Set
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Zayka Ceramic Chef's Knife and Peeler Set
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Zayka Ceramic Chef's Knife and Peeler Set
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Zayka Ceramic Chef's Knife and Peeler Set
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