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Throwzini's Knife Block - Spinning Wheel of Death for Cutlery

Throwzini's Knife Block - Spinning Wheel of Death for Cutlery

I didn't think that kitchen knife blocks could get any cooler or more macabre than the Voodoo Knife Holder, but that was until I discovered the spinning wheel of death inspired Throwzini's Knife Block. Now you can have all the sheer excitement and certain danger of a circus knife throwing act right in your very own kitchen. This unique knife block comes with 5 stainless steel razor sharp professional chef knives that are stored around the body of an "assistant" and held securely in place by magnets in each individual protective knife sheath. Best of all, it actually spins! Unfortunately, since the handcrafted knife block is made of wood, it probably wouldn't be wise to store any flaming cutlery. Definitely, the perfect gift for ringmasters, carnies and all who love to watch morbid acts of death-defying skills!

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