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Cat Scratching Post With Built-In Laser Toy

Cat Scratching Post With Built-In Laser Toy

If your lazy old cat tends to get all its exercise from scratching up your furniture and then running away to hide and plot its next destructive act, then check out this cool new Laser Light Scratching Post for Cats. This inventive scratching post has a built-in laser toy on top that projects a moving laser dot on the floor in unpredictable patterns to encourage it to not only use the post but also drive your them completely nuts... in a good way. The scratch post is wrapped in thick sisal yarn to help keep the cat's nails healthy while they scratch away and the laser toy has four selectable speeds: slow, medium, fast, and random. A great solution to save your furniture, give a cat a workout, and have a few laughs.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This helps support the site. Thanks!
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


  • Scratch post that satisfies a feline's instincts to scratch and hunt
  • Projects a red laser dot that darts across a floor in unpredictable patterns
  • Selectable four-speed (slow, medium, fast and random) laser turns rapidly, stops unexpectedly, and races in opposite directions
  • Triggers a cat's instinctual attraction to quickly moving objects
  • Laser toy is mounted atop a post wrapped in thick sisal yarn on a soft felt-covered base
  • Gives felines a more attractive alternative to scratch and relieve frustration than your fine furniture
  • Size: 17.75" H x 12" W x 6.25" D - 5.25 lbs

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