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Cat Face Shield

Cat Face Shield

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Since humans are now all wearing masks, some properly, to protect themselves and others during this pandemic, it seems that cats can also now join in on this seemingly never-ending fun too by wearing this cool new Nyanmen Cat Face Shield from Japan. According to the CDC, while a low risk, it is still possible for cats to catch and even spread this pesky virus around and this cute miniature face shield is designed to help protect them when out and about with their humans. It's comfortable to wear for them, visually unobtrusive, quite stylish as far as cat-sized PPE goes, and remains in place... if you can get it on them in the first place. It also makes a funny/depressing Halloween pet costume and may even protect humans from their hissing spray and nipping when they get extra bitey for putting this on them in the first place. It's still hilarious though.

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