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Light Up Fiber Optic Face Mask

Light Up Fiber Optic Face Mask

Light Up Fiber Optic Face Mask

Help save your life and others during a global pandemic, prevent getting run down by cars while running or cycling at night, and look like you just wandered out of an alien rave club on some intergalactic cruise ship from the future when you wear this cool new Light Up Fiber Optic Face Mask correctly over your mouth... and nose! This attention-grabbing illuminated face mask uses fiber optics across the front that glow in 7 bright colors with solid and flashing light modes. It features 3-5 hour battery life, is rechargeable via USB, is one-size-fits-all, and is water-resistant, even in the rain. It seems that we're all going to be wearing these face masks a bit longer than we all expected, so I guess they might as well light up and look cool too.

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  • Stand out from the crowd with this fiber optic light-up maskd
  • Glows in 7 bright colors (red, green, blue, yellow, aqua, pink, white) using 11 settings with solid and flashing modes
  • Masks are here to stay for a while yet. So lets up our game.
  • Quickly recharged via USB - charging cable included
  • Water-resistant - safe to wear in the rain
  • Perfect for running and cycling in the dark
  • Perfect for everyday wear, parties, festivals, clubs, concerts, cycling, and running. Be the light of the night!
  • 3-5 hour battery life
  • One size fits all - adjustable elastic strap with buckle

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