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Ripple Rug - Interactive Cat Activity Mat

Ripple Rug - Interactive Cat Activity Mat

Ripple Rug - Interactive Cat Activity Mat

Tired of looking at that hideous carpeted cat tower in your living room that your cat never uses? Then check out this cool new SnugglyCat Ripple Rug. This unique interactive cat activity mat is not only a great safe spot for your furry feline friend to hide, nap, explore, and plan future pounce attacks from, it also folds up for quick and easy storage when guests arrive. This simple yet quite ingenious cat toy incorporates an insulated non-slip rubber bottom and a top rug with varied sized holes that can be attached and shaped in an infinite amount of configurations to keep your cat entertained instead of bored and scratching up the furniture. Best of all, it's made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic bottles that are both safe and non-toxic for your pet. Hmm, they'll probably still prefer the cardboard box it arrives in like usual, but it's worth a shot.

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  • Multi-function cat activity center creates fun, interactive play
  • Pets scratch, stretch, groom, pounce, and sleep on the ripples or inside tunnels
  • Hide toys or treats inside and watch them go wild hunting and stalking
  • Infinite configurations help to prevent boredom and keep them entertained - create a new play space anytime
  • Varied sized holes act as tunnels and hideouts, holes can be expanded
  • All medium to large holes have safety slits for larger cat expansion
  • Touch points allow for simple 'lift and release' so you can easily create new shapes
  • Strong and durable, soft, yet perfect for kitty claws or teeth
  • Insulated non-slip rubber bottom keeps kitty cooler in summer
  • Unlike large cat furniture, it folds up for easy storage
  • Made in The USA using 100% recycled plastic bottles - Safe and Non-Toxic
  • Size: 47" 35"

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