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Height-Adjustable Foldaway Pet Ramp

Height-Adjustable Foldaway Pet Ramp

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Is your furry four-legged friend having trouble getting up on the bed or sofa? Then help them out with this cool new Height-Adjustable Foldaway Pet Ramp. This convenient wooden ramp for elderly, arthritic, chonky, lazy, and pampered dogs and cats can be adjusted to four different heights (12", 16", 20" and 24"), is lined with non-slip carpeting, and folds flat for compact storage when not in use. 🐢😼

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Height-Adjustable Foldaway Pet Ramp
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Height-Adjustable Foldaway Pet Ramp
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Height-Adjustable Foldaway Pet Ramp
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Height-Adjustable Foldaway Pet Ramp
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Height-Adjustable Foldaway Pet Ramp
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