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Air Cat - Interactive Air Streamer Cat Toy

Air Cat - Interactive Air Streamer Cat Toy

Air Cat - Interactive Air Streamer Cat Toy

This cool new Air Cat from L'chic is a wobbly interactive cat toy with fluttering fan-blown air streamers on top designed to engage your furry feline friend's natural instincts to hunt, pounce, and play. It features a built-in fan that sends the pet-safe nylon dancing air streamers in motion, has a weighted base that wobbles and rolls, an optical sensor that detects your cat's presence and automatically starts the fan, and an optional timer. It's also great for bored humans to stare at as well.

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  • L'chi Air Cat - Interactive Air Streamer Cat Toy
  • Electronic pet toy that taps into a cat's natural instinct to play, hunt, and catch
  • Integrated fan sends the colorful ribbon attachment randomly turning, flipping, and dancing - mimicking the movements of a butterfly or bird
  • Weighted base rolls as it wobbles, adding to the toy's constant motion
  • Optical sensor in the base detects a cat's movement and automatically powers on the fan, instantly triggering a feline's curiosity and hunting instincts
  • Optional timer
  • Ribbon made of nylon fabric
  • Made with BPA- free food grade materials
  • Size: 5" H x 6.75" Diameter - 13 oz

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