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RuffWear Highlands - Sleeping Bag For Dogs

RuffWear Highlands - Sleeping Bag For Dogs

RuffWear Highlands - Sleeping Bag For Dogs

If you like to take your furry best friend camping out in the great outdoors, then give them a warm spot of their own in the tent with this cool new RuffWear Highlands Sleeping Bag. This sleeping bag for dogs is sized just right for your adventurous canine companion and features a zippered opening to open wide and then zips closed to help retain a dog's body heat on cold nights, synthetic insulation on the bottom to insulate from the ground, water-resistant and quick drying polyester shell, and a compressable design that easily packs away in an included carrying sack. This probably only works with dogs, because if you took your cat, you would be the one sleeping outside the tent.

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  • A packable, durable sleeping bag that provides warmth and comfort for your dog on the trail or the camp site
  • Zippered opening allows the bag to open wide, then zip closed to retain dogs' body heat
  • Lightweight synthetic insulation provides warmth and protection from hard, cold surfaces
  • Compresses into an included stuff sack
  • Integrated pad sleeve for additional insulation in extreme cold
  • Durable polyester fabric shell provides a comfortable sleeping surface
  • Polyester shell fabric is water-resistant, quick drying, and durable
  • Synthetic insulation insulates the dog from the ground
  • Cleans with a shake - Wash in cold water - Air dry

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