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Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover

Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover

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There's nothing worse than writing a lengthy opus, taking a break, and then coming back to a cat walking across or sitting on the keyboard... cat-typing away over your work. Since keyboards aren't equipped with spray bottles, the only alternative is to simply block a cat from reaching the keyboard in the first place by elevating them up above it. The cool new Neko Pochi from Japan is a handy translucent cover/shelf that fits over the top of the keyboard allowing your hands to access the keys beneath and your eyes to see what you're typing, all while thwarting unwanted feline paws. The cover can hold up to 22 pounds of fat cat, doubles as a multi-use shelf, and comes in clear, blue, and yellow. Unfortunately, since we're dealing with cats, they'll just curl up on your chair instead.

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Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover
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Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover
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Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover
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Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover
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Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover
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Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover
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Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover
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Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover
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Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover
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