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R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard

R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard

R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard

The cool new R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard goes beyond simple holographic projection of princesses calling for help, it projects a virtual laser keyboard on a flat surface so they can text for help instead. This fun virtual keyboard projector is housed in a miniature Artoo unit that connects to your computer, smartphone, NaviComputer, tablet, or Lobot wirelessly via Bluetooth. Best of all, it makes authentic droid sounds as you type on the virtual QWERTY keys. Check out the demo video below to see it in action.

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  • Tap the red laser keys it projects and hear R2's iconic noises with every button you press
  • QWERTY keyboard, 68 keys
  • Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • Works with iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, smartphones, tablets, Mac, and Windows
  • Power: internal rechargeable battery, 660mAh
  • Charge time: around 3 hours
  • Operating time on one full charge: around 2 hours
  • Functions: light settings, sound settings, sensitivity settings, power saving
  • Light source: red laser diode

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