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Lifesize Poltergeist Clown Replica!

Lifesize Poltergeist Clown Replica!

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When I was a little kid, the movie Poltergeist absolutely terrified me. It made me fear simple everyday things like my toys, trees, televisions, closets, steaks, stairways, chairs, mirrors, swimming pools, and especially clowns. If you have a clown phobia, that fear was most likely caused by the damn evil clown doll from this movie. Well, now you can root the same fear of clowns into your children today by giving them one of the Holy Grails of horror movie props, this cool new yet quite 1982-inspired Lifesize Poltergeist Clown Replica from SuperMongrel Studios!

Although this isn't the actual clown featured in the movie, which is probably sitting in Steven Spielberg's office, it is a faithfully recreated, full-sized replica that is sculpted, cut, stitched, sewn, and painted by hand... and it still knows what scares you. It's perfect for a terrifying Halloween prop, a creepy home theater decoration, an evil birthday gift to give a little kid, or just sit it at the end of your bed to give you comfort on stormy nights. Hmm, you probably should keep a close eye on this thing or you could find yourself getting dragged under the bed in sheer terror too. 👻😱

UPDATE: They now have the EVIL version too!

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Lifesize Poltergeist Clown Replica!
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Lifesize Poltergeist Clown Replica!
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Lifesize Poltergeist Clown Replica!
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Lifesize Poltergeist Clown Replica!
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Lifesize Poltergeist Clown Replica!
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Lifesize Poltergeist Clown Replica!
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Lifesize Poltergeist Clown Replica!
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Lifesize Poltergeist Clown Replica!
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Lifesize Poltergeist Clown Replica!
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