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Hellraiser Puzzle Box Christmas Ornament

Hellraiser Puzzle Box Christmas Ornament

We have such sights to show you... - Pinhead (Hellraiser)

The stressful hustle and bustle of the holidays is hell to some, but is nothing compared to the total hell that could be unleashed when you decorate your Christmas tree with this cool new Hellraiser Puzzle Box Christmas Ornament. The infamous wooden puzzle box AKA the Lament Configuration from the movie Hellraiser has been shrunk down in size and finished with an appropriate metal chain and fishing hook on the end to hang it from the branches of your tree, but hopefully not your flesh. This decorative handmade holiday keepsake is crafted from solid maple wood with metallic foil faces on the sides that match the original box used in the movies. Makes a festive gift for any true horror movie fan, those who find pain and pleasure to be indivisible, explorers in the further regions of experience, or even a Cenobite, if you know one.

Have a Happy Holidays... or we'll tear your soul apart!

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