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Modern Gingerbread House

Modern Gingerbread House

Modern Gingerbread House

I was thinking of building a traditional gingerbread house, but I realized that gingerbread architecture hasn't really evolved much past the classic North Pole cottage look. I think it's time for an extreme makeover. This year I want a Modern Gingerbread House! This modern 100% edible home now comes complete with a garage and a rock garden. Next winter, I'm thinking of going bigger with gingerbread skyscrapers!

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  • Comes assembled and ready to enjoy
  • May be personalized with up to two lines of 12 characters per line
  • Once unwrapped, it should be eaten within 30 days
  • Left as decoration, it will keep for up to 12 months
  • Candies used for embellishment may contain nuts
  • Measures 18" x 13" x 5 1/2" high

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