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Animated Kicking Santa Legs

Animated Kicking Santa Legs

Animated Kicking Santa Legs

These cool new Animated Kicking Santa Legs make it seem as if poor old Santa Claus took a header off the roof into a snowbank, got stuck in the chimney of the fireplace, or just got himself tangled up in the branches on the side of a Christmas tree. These funny Santa legs kick around futilely for about ten seconds when they detect motion from someone approaching and can be used indoors or out. Yeah, you'll probably get coal again this year.

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  • Motion-activated Santa kicks his legs futilely for 10 seconds when someone approaches within 4-6 feet
  • Perfect for sticking out of a snowbank, hanging in the fireplace, or placing on the side of a Christmas tree
  • Attaches to a tree with included clamp
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Size: 37" L x 9" W x 6" D - 2 lbs

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