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ThinkGeek Eviltron - Turn On, Hide It and Laugh Diabolically!

ThinkGeek Eviltron - Turn On, Hide It and Laugh Diabolically!

Similar to the evil Annyoy-A Tron, the cool new, paranoia inducing ThinkGeek Eviltron is a seriously tiny and easy to hide prank device that emits creepy sounds at random intervals to drive your friends, family and co-workers completely mad. Just select one of five scary sounds or pick the random option at the push of a button and stick it somewhere well hidden. When activated, your victims will be subjected to completely random odd noises like creaking, scratching, breathing, children laughing and whispers. Is their mind playing tricks on them, are they going crazy or is the office truly haunted? Their first instinct is definitely not going to be that it's some hidden electronic noise maker. This would be a lot of fun to scare people working late into the night or you could just hide it in someone's car, bedroom closet or anywhere you get a silent crowd like in a bookstore or church. There are literally endless possibilities for good, old-fashioned sinister fun!

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