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Prank Posters For Neighborhood Telephone Poles

Prank Posters For Neighborhood Telephone Poles

Want to stir up some mischievous hilarity around your neighborhood or office? Then hang up these cool new Prank Posters all around on everything from telephone poles to bulletin boards or anywhere you think needs a few laughs. This book of 23 perforated tear-out pages of fun prank posters was written by Jeff Wysaski from the website Obvious Plant, where you can see even more of his real world faux signs, posters, and other assorted things that he's planted around, but if you buy the book, you can do the job for him. Hmm, kinda clever...


  • Written by Jeff Wysaski (Obvious Plant, Pleated Jeans)
  • Hilarious posters you can hang around your neighborhood or office to make the world more magical
  • Dress up poles, community boards, and mailbox clusters instantly!
  • 23 perforated tear-out pages
  • Size: 8" W x 10.25" T

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