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Bacon Tuxedo - Gag Gift Box

Bacon Tuxedo - Gag Gift Box

Bacon Tuxedo - Gag Gift Box

I have real mixed feelings about the Bacon Tuxedo Gag Gift Box.

On one hand, wrappping a real gift inside a gag gift box that says it has a tuxedo inside that looks like it's made from bacon is a funny prank. Just imagine their face when they tear open the wrapping paper in anticipation and see a formal tuxedo styled after bacon from Stan's Formalwear. I wonder if they will feign excitement like usual?

On the other hand though, if I were to receive this gift and discovered that I was tricked and there wasn't a real bacon tuxedo inside, I think I'd be really disappointed. Owning and wearing a bacon suit would probably be the coolest thing I could ever hope to wear in my lifetime. Seriously. Who wouldn't want that? It's awesome!

Like I said earlier, I'm very conflicted on this one.

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