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BaconPop - Bacon Flavored Popcorn

BaconPop - Bacon Flavored Popcorn

Oh my! BaconPop - Bacon Flavored Popcorn! Yes that's right, the world of buttery popcorn and the world of yummy bacontastic bacon have finally collided in a mouth-watering explosion of pure deliciousness! Plus, you can make it even more heart-stoppingly tasty with an extra sprinkle of Bascon Salt as well. Each box only comes with three microwave bags of this rare gourmet treat, so stock up.


  • Microwave popcorn with delicious buttery bacon flavor
  • Each box contains 3 bags of Bacon Pop, ready for popping in your microwave
  • WARNING: Once they smell it, your co-workers will jump you in an attempt to steal it. Best to eat at home. Alone.
  • BaconPop is vegetarian and certified Kosher (aka, it tastes like bacon, but no pigs were harmed!)

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