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Joseph Joseph Single-Serve Popcorn Makers

Joseph Joseph Single-Serve Popcorn Makers

Joseph Joseph Single-Serve Popcorn Makers

When it comes to popcorn, those store-bought microwave popcorn bags are not the healthiest of choices you can make and dragging out a hot-air popper to shoot bland popcorn all over your countertop is just a total pain. A simpler solution is this cool new Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Single-Serve Popcorn Maker. This handy silicone popcorn maker pops and serves up a single portion of tasty popcorn in the microwave using no oil or butter to cook. Just pour in 1 ounce of popcorn kernels (measuring guide in the base), close the top flaps, microwave, watch the flaps open up as the popcorn reaches the top, and enjoy right from the maker - no extra bowls required. A super easy and healthier way to snack on movie night.

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  • Set of 2 single portion popcorn makers
  • No oil or butter required to cook - a great way to make the perfect healthy snack
  • Lid flaps conveniently open when the popcorn is done and reaches the top of the maker
  • Integrated kernel-measuring guide in base
  • Cooks about 1 oz of Uncooked kernels
  • Made from heat-resistant silicone with a folding lid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Should put an end to arguments over who has eaten more than their fair share on movie nights

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