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Tavolo Multi Grater

Tavolo Multi Grater

Tavolo Multi Grater

Normally cheese craters aren't much to look at, but this cool new Tavolo Multi Grater excels in both form and function. This stylish kitchen grater has three grating sizes for everything from cheeses to nutmeg on a single recycled stainless steel cone that has a sustainable acacia wood handle and collection bowl / base. This is one grater you might actually leave out and use instead of hiding away in the back of a cabinet.

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  • 3 recycled stainless steel sides perfect for everything from grating cheese to nutmeg
  • Crafted from sustainable acacia wood, a fast growing, renewable wood prized for its color and grain
  • Grater sits neatly on top of the wood collection bowl
  • Size: 4.72” W x 13” H

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