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Gingko Slab Click Clock

Gingko Slab Click Clock

Gingko Slab Click Clock

You may recall that there used to be these bulky and annoyingly bright things on the nightstand called alarm clocks and then they sort of disappeared after smartphones swallowed up the functions of all things. They have returned! This cool new Gingko Slab Click Clock is a minimalist alarm clock that looks like small slab of wood at first glance, but once you snap your fingers, clap your hands, or tap on the table it turns on to reveal the time, temperature, or date in blue digits that magically show through the wooden face.

This modern yet rustic alarm clark features 3 different alarm settings with a clever snooze function, a sound activated (only glows at night when you need it) or permanent display, and to keep it even simpler, has a built-In rechargeable battery meaning that it doesn't even require a power cord, although one is included. Best of all, it has no apps or Internet access whatsoever to keep you up half the night.

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