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Royal Twintails Pillow

Royal Twintails Pillow

Royal Twintails Pillow

Take body pillow comfort to the next level with this cool new Royal Twintails Pillow. This unusual body pillow has a middle head cushion / sleep mask that covers your face and head while pigtail style pillows on each sides can be contorted and wrapped around into a multiple range of comfy positions. It includes a black velvet cover for winter and a blue Spandex cover for summer allowing for year round total napping bizarreness. Also makes an interesting Halloween costume.

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  • Unique pillow allows the user a wide range of positions
  • Twist and wrap the two pigtail bunches around you, or just lay flat on the cushion and let its arms cup you
  • Can be manipulated into a seat-and-table position or used by two people at once
  • Head cushion can be used to cover the whole face and head
  • Colors: black and blue covers (both included)
  • Black velvet cushion is recommended for winter
  • Blue Spandex cushion is for warmer seasons
  • Size: 35.4 x 59 x 8.7" - 7.5 lbs

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