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Mattress Genie - Adjustable Incline Bed Wedge

Mattress Genie - Adjustable Incline Bed Wedge

If you want to read and watch TV in bed in comfort or relieve sinus, snoring, and heartburn problems, then check out the cool new Mattress Genie. This adjustable bed wedge transforms your bed into a luxurious adjustable angle bed for a fraction of the cost.

Just slide the inflatable wedge between the box spring and the mattress and use the tethered remote to raise and lower the upper mattress to any height between completely flat and 26 inches (approx. 45° angle). it features a two-stage turbine design to pump air into the lift chamber, works on any mattress (multiple mattress size versions available), and has enough lifting power to support up to 1000 pounds.

It's a great solution, but I wish it hooked into an alarm clock and raised the mattress even higher up to slide me out of bed in the morning.

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