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Mmmmvelopes - Bacon Flavored Envelopes

Mmmmvelopes - Bacon Flavored Envelopes

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I barely remember what a post office is anymore, but I plan to revisit one soon just to send snail mail in these deliciously tasty new Mmmmvelopes - Bacon Flavored Envelopes. I'm not sure what will be more surprising to the recipient of your mailing, that they actually received a letter in the mail or that the envelope looks like bacon. What they won't get to enjoy, is the pure gourmet pleasure you'll receive from licking the envelope's adhesive stip to seal it closed. It tastes exactly like bacon! The post office should forget the commemorative stamps, because these pork-inspired envelopes just might be the only chance they have of surviving in the digital 21st century. Mmmmm, Mail!

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Mmmmvelopes - Bacon Flavored Envelopes
Oh my! The world of buttery popcorn and the world of yummy bacontastic bacon have finally collided in a mouth-watering explosion of pure deliciousness!
Mmmmvelopes - Bacon Flavored Envelopes
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Mmmmvelopes - Bacon Flavored Envelopes
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Mmmmvelopes - Bacon Flavored Envelopes
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Mmmmvelopes - Bacon Flavored Envelopes
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Mmmmvelopes - Bacon Flavored Envelopes
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Mmmmvelopes - Bacon Flavored Envelopes
Prevent chapped lips with a lip balm that actually smells and tastes just like real bacon!
Mmmmvelopes - Bacon Flavored Envelopes
Remember the old days, when the only thing that tasted like bacon, was bacon?
Mmmmvelopes - Bacon Flavored Envelopes
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