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Bob's Pickle Pops

Bob's Pickle Pops

Bob's Pickle Pops

I don't know about you, but I love crisp, crunchy dill pickles and I even like to sneak a sip from the pickle jar when no one's looking. Tasty dill pickles are a little sour, a little salty and pack a whole lot of satisfying crunch. Well, if you keep all the flavor and take away the crunch, you get these cool new Bob's Pickle Pops. These unique frozen treats are made from 100% squeezed whole dill pickles, with nothing else added. A giant press is used to squeeze every last drop of tangy juice from the pickles into individual packets that you and your kids can enjoy frozen or unfrozen. I wonder how many pecks of Pickle Pop packets Peter Piper will pick?

Nutrition Note: Click Here to learn how pickle juice is not only low in calories and low in sugar (it is high in sodium), but it also offers some interesting health benefits and is even being used by athletes as a healthier sports drink replacement.

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