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Baggy Wine Coat - Box of Wine Tote

Baggy Wine Coat - Box of Wine Tote

Baggy Wine Coat - Box of Wine Tote

I usually enjoy most boxes of wine, there's simply more to love, but that cardboard box container has to go. The solution is to remove the bag of wine from the box and insert it into this cool new Baggy Wine Coat from designer Jakob Wagner. This stylish wine tote accommodates most standard wine bags and features a black rubber nonslip base, a hole for the bag's tap, extra space for a cooling element or a bag of ice, and a rubber carrying strap for easy transport. A great way to stylishly and discretely take your favorite wine on the go, like to parties, picnics, camping, hiking, the office, walking down the street, shopping, the gym, restaurants or anywhere else a nice glass of vino is needed.

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