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Glass Tank Wine Glass - Automatically Refills!

Glass Tank Wine Glass - Automatically Refills!

I love drinking wine, but it saddens me when I've reached the bottom of a glass only to have to get up, find the bottle and refill. This wouldn't be an issue with the cool new Glass Tank Wine Glass by designer Kouichi Okamoto. This ingenious glass drinking contraption has a built-in wine reservoir on top with a traditional wine glass below it and as you sip, it automatically refills itself! Simply fill the bulb-shaped container with your favorite vino and watch as simple physics takes over and the glass fills up without overflowing due to a perfect balance between air and water pressure. As you sip, an equal amount of wine flows back into the glass, so you can keep drinking much longer. It's kinda hard to give the wine a good swirl, but it's still a really cool idea.

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