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Merlot Scented Wine Cork Candles

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Merlot Scented Wine Cork Candles

Just because a bottle of wine is empty, doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the intoxicating aroma of merlot when you top the bottle with one of these cool new Merlot Scented Wine Cork Candles. This set of six faux wine cork candles look just like real corks, smell like merlot wine, and sit inside the neck of an empty bottle. Perfect for illuminating a romantic dinner or just stick one in a cake or cupcake for a wine lover's birthday.


  • 6 Faux wine cork candles look like real corks and they smell like merlot wine
  • Designed to fit on the necks of standard wine bottles
  • They perfume the air with a rich scent that’s both earthy and fruity… much like the bouquet from a nice glass of Merlot.
  • Repurpose empty wine bottles into strikingly whimsical design elements or use as the base of a glowing centerpiece
  • Made from pure paraffin wax and have 100% cotton wicks for clean burning
  • Each candle gives off low light for your romantic evening
  • Size: 3" T x 1" diameter

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