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E.T. Adventure Ride Scented Candle

E.T. Adventure Ride Scented Candle

E.T. Adventure Ride Scented Candle

If you've ever ridden the E.T. Adventure Ride at Universal Studios Florida, then you remember that magical scent as you waited in line and then flew the bikes through the pine trees in the forest. Well, now you can relive that nostalgic scent that brings you right back to childhood (or maybe somewhat recently since the ride is still there) with this cool new yet quite 1980s E.T. Adventure Ride Scented Candle. This fun scented candle is reverse-engineered from the actual fragrance that's pumped into the ride's waiting line queue in the woods. It's made from soy wax that is Vegan and cruelty-free, especially to cute little aliens just trying to Phone Home. While you burn this candle at home, check out the video below to experience the ride for yourself almost like you were really there. Also available in room spray.

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