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Compcooler - Ice Water Circulation Cooling Vest

Compcooler - Ice Water Circulation Cooling Vest

Compcooler - Ice Water Circulation Cooling Vest

This summer, beat the heat outdoors with this cool new Compcooler Univest - Ice Water Cooling System. This innovative outerwear vest has embedded ice water circulation channels that help bring down your body's core temperature during hot temperatures. It features a built-in mini pump that circulates the cold water continuously around your body for up to 4 hours at a time, a quick release bladder that can be swapped out to extend cooling time, and a rechargeable battery. It's perfect for anyone working outdoors during the sweltering hot summer days, people with heat sensitive medical conditions, or just anytime it's too damn hot inside or out.

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  • Compcooler Univest Ice Water Cooling System
  • Keeps user cool and comfortable in hot conditions
  • Combines ICE water circulation Unit and liquid cooling vest as one vest
  • Extreme Cooling Performance 36℉-68℉
  • Liquid cooling channel embedded on mesh liner
  • Mini pump circulates cold water and continuously flow around your body
  • 2L Quick Release bladder
  • 2-4hours cooling from 2L frozen bladder
  • 1-3 hours from ICE cubes
  • Quick release design, easy to replace and extend cooling time
  • Rechargeable battery

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