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Drib - Driving Bib Prevents Drips and Spills

Drib - Driving Bib Prevents Drips and Spills

Drib - Driving Bib Prevents Drips and Spills

Whether you're a professional commuter, notoriously clumsy or just the fashionable type eating on the go, protect your clothing and your car's interior from spills and drips when you wear the Drib. The Drib is a unique foldable, washable, shoulder-to-knee bib designed to be worn in the car. It features an absorbent fabric front, a moisture-resistant back and large pockets on the bottom to catch food spills. Rather than relying on awkward ties and clips, it has weights that hold it securely down over your shoulders and easily folds into its own pocket for compact storage when you're finished . Sure, it seems completely ridiculous at first, but the next time you drop a full blown meatball sub into your lap on the way to an important meeting, you'll definitely wish you had one.

FYI: This bib is primarily meant for eating in the car while safely parked. Please don't be that distracted driver who's out driving around on the highway, texting their friends, juggling food and hot coffee, all while steering with their knees. Please drive responsibly and keep your eyes on the road at all times!

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